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Our latest litter has arrived!
Fire ( Red/White) and Syder ( Black Tri) see below, are the parents. We have Black Tricolours, Chocolate Tricolours and Black/White pups. There are 5 girls and 4 Boys !
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Neville and I have been breeding Border Collies for about 30 years, initially in South Africa and now here. We do not breed large numbers of litters but aim to breed pups that can participate in any of the canine sports but also be well adjusted members of the family for hopefully 14-15 years. We take as much care as possible to ensure that our puppies have been well socialised with people, including children as well as with other dogs.

We have bred a line with strong Tricolour genes, as they are our favourite, yet not a well known colour. We also have Red and Chocolate in our lines. Although we breed coloured lines, working ability and temperament are of utmost importance. In accordance with modern trends we DNA test our dogs to preclude any chance of puppies being affected by hereditary diseases.

I have not hip scored my dogs but have spoken to Orthopaedic specialists who felt that scoring would tell me the state of my dogs hips but would offer no clear guarantee of the puppies hip condition. I have owned 5 generations of collies from my lines, all have excelled at Agility and we have had absolutely no signs of hip problems. The incidence of HD in Border Collies here is very low, and on Veterinary examination I have been told the chances of problems in my dogs is very low and I have been advised to follow the path I have.

If you have any queries please contact me on 07 3385 6090 or

Our Dogs Our Foundation bitch was Flame ( Shertzee Bonnie Jean) She was Red/ White. She was the 3rd dog to be awarded her AAC ( Australian Agility Champion) by ADAA. She lived till she was 15. Our first male was Skye ( Shonaway Triple Chance). He was a Black Tricolour. He sadly had a short life. Our next girl was Flye ( Storminin MS Tripletrick) granddaughter of Flame and Skye. She is a Black Tricolour. She achieved her AAC in 2005,and has been awarded her MAAD 17 ( Masters Australian Agility Dog x 17).She won numerous Agility awards and retired from agility at the end of 2012 at the age of 12. She lived till she was 14..

Her daughter DASH ( Borderiver Triple Dash) is a Black Tricolour… decided that although she had great Agility skills , competing was not her strength. She has had lovely puppies. One litter with Scotch ( Metaris Argyle Flicka) a Black Tricolour and one with Schnapps ( Metaris Mudd Slydd) a Chocolate/White , Her daughter Frost (Borderiver Triple Frost), a Black Tricolour has likewise had pups with the 2 above boys. Sadly from here on Neville and I reached our use by date for competitive agility, so our dogs receive skills training but our younger dogs are unlikely to be competing.

We recently bought back a pup , Xia ( Dunwrkn Triple Choc Treat) She is a Chocolate Tricolour from a litter sister of Dash, so one of Flyes pups,GT. (Borderiver Gin And Tonic) and Focus( Faithet Woody Willow). She has had 2 litters with Schnapps. Our next girl Fire ( Border River Fire Flye) is from a Frost/Schnapps Litter. She is lovely, a strong reminder of Flame in temperament and a Red/White. We have also bought back in a new male. As Xia is such a delight we recently added a male from the same pairing. Syder ( Dunwrkn Full Of Antics) . He is a Black Tricolour and future partner for Fire and possibly a last litter for Frost.

Scattered among our life with Border Collies there have been 2 Shelties. Flicka ( Tryzelen Sumer Shadow) our all time Champion was awarded her AAC ( Australian Agility Champion) in 2002. She earned her R-MAAD 25 ( 25 Masters titles… initially in the ADAA International Program then the Regular Program as arthritis set in) and numerous Agility Awards . She retired in 2010.She is now 16 1/2 Fizz ( Boshellie Silver Threads) is a Blue Merle, has had 1 litter with a Sable Chom-Chom ( Theo ( Imp France)) and 1 litter with my daughters Black Tri male Rumba. Her Daughter Chanel (Borderiver Chanel Number One) is a VERY outgoing Sable with great potential. She is owned by our daughter Tandy-Lee Giesenberg. She has had 1 delightful litter of Black Tri pups

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