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Border River Pet Resort

Border River Pet Resort

Day Care Services

We offer a range of day care options;

  • Basic day Care; Drop your dog off between 7.30 & 11.30 and collect between 3pm & 5.00pm ( unless by prearrangement ). Your dog will receive an outdoor play time both morning and afternoon and will receive a lunchtime snack

  • Deluxe day care; Drop off and collect as above. Your dog will receive 1/2 an hour on lead training and a refreshing Hydrobath with Blow Dry, as well as a morning and afternoon playtime and lunchtime snack.

  • Rehabilitation day care; For when your dog needs to have surgery or post operative crate rest following surgery, an injury or illness

It can be challenging to provide the care they need when you are working, but we can assist.

Drop your dog off, as per hours above. Dog can be room or crate confined as required and walked on lead to toilet or exercise. Your dog will be under close supervision and we can liaise with you or your vet if there is a problem.

Your dog will also have access to our Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Centre. If your dog is sufficiently recovered, we can do their Hydrotherapy conveniently when you are at work during their day stay (additional fee applies for Hydrotherapy; usually twice weekly is recommended.) If not recovered enough for Hydrotherapy we can offer a Massage on our Accel Therapy Massage mat. This treatment increases circulation and lymphatic drainage which assist healing, all while your dog lies comfortably on the mat.

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