Border River Pet Resort
Border River Pet Resort

Border River Pet Resort

What we have to offer

Visitors are welcome to come and view our facilities at any time during our operating hours.
  • Cats are housed in a fully enclosed, sound insulated and air conditioned room
  • Cat owners will be able to chose either a single or a double enclosure Single enclosures measure 1metre wide by 1.5metres deep and 1.2 metres high. Double enclosures are the same width and depth but are 2.4metres high
  • No more than two cats will share a single enclosure and no more than three cats will be allowed to share a double enclosure.
  • All cats sharing an enclosure will be from the same family.
  • Amenable cats will have a daily play time in the cat gym.
  • Cats will have bedding and beds provided.

  • Dogs are housed in individual, insulated and air conditioned rooms.
  • The modern design of our dog runs reduces stress in dogs as no dog will feel threatened by another staring at it.
  • The only chain link fence you will find is the one dividing the 2 extra large exercise yards.
  • Dogs will have bedding provided and enjoy off the floor beds
  • All dogs will have access to an exercise yard at least twice a day.
  • 3 Large grassed exercise yards so dogs can play alone or with other dogs if friendly.
  • Hydrotherapy sessions in our fitness centre using our state of the art under water treadmill and heated swim tank.
  • Additional exercise or play time can be arranged when you book your pet in.
  • Piped music throughout the resort
  • Dry treadmill with sloped ramp facility for fitness training
  • Complimentary hydro bath prior to you collecting your pampered pooch.
  • Our security is of the highest standard with no dogs leaving the fully secured kennel buildings without having a lead attached to their collars.
  • All exercise yards are surrounded by 1.8mt high solid fencing.
  • We will happily meet any special diet if required.
  • We use and recommend A La Carte, an Australian made super premium dog food of the highest quality.


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