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Dog Hydrotherapy allows a dog to exercise in water with minimal weight on their joints but with muscles working hard as they push against the water resistance. This is especially useful in dogs recovering from surgery, arthritic and senior dogs, those needing to loose weight but is just as useful for fit dogs.Dogs visiting Border River Pet Resort are welcome to access our Hydrotherapy facilities during their stay, but to ensure the they are not stressed will need to visit the Hydrotherapy centre with their owners prior to their stay at the kennels.

Dog Hydrotherapy: Pool Therapy

We uses two methods:

  • Underwater treadmills allow active use of muscles and enhanced cardiovascular fitness while taking advantage of the buoyancy of water to reduce weight bearing stresses. Dogs in rehabilitation exercise in higher water levels, which are reduced as fitness returns and the dog takes on more weight bearing exercises. Large dogs also do their deep water swimming in the treadmills.
  • Pool Therapy gently exercises every muscle of the dog' body helping them to rebuild and/or maintain cardiovascular fitness. Small dogs swim in the pool and do their low weight bearing exercise in the treadmill. Exercising in water allows early active motion in the post operative period.
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