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Border River Pet Resort

I was telling the Vet practice up at McDowall where Goldie goes about your excellent facilities. She wrote it down and said she would provide your details to anyone who enquires about facilities. I couldn't recommend you highly enough! Great stuff! Julie B

We were very happy with your service and the care you gave to our 2 dogs, Tessa and Bruno, last year. Amo B

We have had Wilbur at a few kennels over the years but never seen him so fit and happy when we collected him this time. Thank you Neville and Border River Pet Resort. Sue King

Diesel was so happy with his stay with you, he did not want to come home. We have never had him run away from us and try to get back into the kennel. That speaks volumes for your care of him. Rob McDonnel.

What a happy puppy we got back from you Neville. Thank you. Kiesha must have had a really lovely time. Pat and Trish

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